Adult ADHD Therapeutic Coaching

More adults are being diagnosed with ADHD than ever before. Navigating a new diagnosis can feel challenging and bring with it a lot of emotional weight. I know, because it’s an experience that I share, after my own recent ADHD diagnosis. My approach to ADHD coaching is multifaceted and holistic, and depending on the individual, may focus on:

  • Processing emotions related to your diagnosis
  • Discussing your thoughts and feelings around medication and other treatment options
  • Teaching skills and “hacks” to improve your executive functioning (a clinical way to describe how you handle your emotions and task management, among other things)
  • Incorporating movement and time outdoors into your routine
  • Improving your relationships and managing rejection sensitivity dysphoria (a clinical term for feeling rejected, criticized, or persecuted in close relationships more than a neurotypical person might)
  • Exploring how your diet impacts your expression of ADHD
  • Looking at how patterns of addictive behavior may relate to your ADHD
  • Teaching you how ADHD impacts your brain chemistry and structure
  • Working with your own cycles of motivation, interest, and energy rather than against them
  • Learning to love your brain and nervous system as they are, even as we work to improve how they function

We typically begin with six coaching sessions, with the option to add additional or follow up sessions as needed. Please book a free consultation today to explore whether this would be a good fit for you.

Curious if this is the right fit for your needs?

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